Verizon Fios, Microsoft Xbox lure gamers with $79 gigabit broadband offer

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Verizon is playing to the gamer's need for speed with its new gigabit offer. (Image: Verizon)

Verizon has launched a new offer aimed at gamers through a partnership with Microsoft Xbox to bundle a one-year subscription with its standalone 1 Gbps FTTH service, a move to lure more customers as it reaches greater penetration of Fios in its Northeast market regions.

New customers that sign up for standalone 1 Gbps service between April 5 and May 4 will get a one-year Xbox Live Gold subscription and a choice of two top multistreamer gamesPlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or Sea of Thieves. 

Pricing for the new service is competitive. Users will be able to get the Fios gigabit Connection for $79.99 a month. Any eligible customer that signs up online will also be able to waive the $99 setup charge.

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The service provider touted in a release how a high-speed connection can improve the gaming experience by reducing latency and bandwidth issues.  

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“When it comes to gaming, there are lots of factors that can mean the difference between winning and losing,” Verizon said. “More and more, gamers recognize that a strong high-speed Internet connection is one of the most, if not the most, important factors in online gameplay.”

With Verizon’s Fios footprint now confined to the Northeast U.S., the service provider needs to find ways to lure new subscribers that see a broadband-only deal as a tool to support other applications like gaming or streaming video. Offers like this with Xbox play into that mentality.

As of the end of the fourth quarter, Verizon told investors where it has rolled out FTTH, Fios broadband penetration is above 40%.

Although it continues to bleed video customers, Fios broadband continues to grow. During the fourth quarter, Verizon added 47,000 Fios internet connections and lost a net of 29,000 Fios video connections. 

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