Verizon Global Wholesale offers Web-based tools to carrier customers

Verizon Global Wholesale (NYSE: VZ) wants to make its service provider customer's lives easier, so it has introduced a series of Web-based tools called Quick Functions.

These Web-based Quick functions include two new online tools--Quick Ticket and Quick Status--that will enable wholesale customers to submit and track their own trouble tickets.

Serving as a complement to its 24-hour toll-free number, wholesale customers can access the new Quick Functions through the Verizon Enterprise Center (VEC) customer portal. Although Quick Functions does not require customers a sign-in, user name or password, once a ticket is opened the information can only be viewed by the customers who establishes a secure, unique PIN when opening the ticket.  

With Quick Functions, Verizon's wholesale customers can when the trouble ticket was opened, current status, a graphical view of the ticket's lifecycle and updates from the engineer tasked with resolving the customer's issue.

Customers can also get notification updates via e-mail, pager, SMS or automated phone calls. These updates can be delivered on either an event basis or at regular intervals from 30 minutes up to every 48 hours.

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