Verizon goes for the 'quad play' jugular

Verizon Communications' CEO Ivan Seidenberg may not be worried about landline loss anymore, but the launch of its "quad play" wireless/wireline bundle shows that the service provider is going to do everything it can to retain and attract new customers from defecting to cable.

Available in its Northeast or Mid-Atlantic regions to either FiOS FTTP or DSL customers--subscribers will have their choice of signing on for a full featured "quad-play" offering that includes wireless, TV (FiOS TV and DIRECTV), Internet and home phone services. Verizon, not surprisingly, claims big savings of $59 to $179 per year, depending on what bundle subscribers order.

Those customers that purchase the quad-play FiOS bundle will get 450 minutes of wireless calling, Freedom voice service, 15/5 Mbps and FiOS TV service for $134.99 per month. Likewise, Verizon's copper customers that purchase a quad-play package get 450 wireless minutes, Freedom Essentials calling plan, DSL service with up to 3 Mbps and DIRECTV PLUS DVR for $124.99 a month. Staying true to the notion that consumers just don't want to be bothered with a landline phone, Verizon will also offer other bundled packages that don't include home phone service.

Retaining customers through bundled packages may be a concept shared by all of large ILECs, but no one is approaching it the same. Other service providers such as Qwest and Windstream, which both lack an integrated wireless offering, are offering triple and dual-play voice, video and data programs. Qwest's latest VDSL2 offerings gives the user 40/5 Mbps and 40/20 Mbps capabilities. Qwest's VDSL2 customers only require a qualifying phone package if they want to take advantage of the lower price points (for our fastest speeds, that would be $99.99/month for 40/5 Mbps, $109.99/month for 40/20 Mbps. Windstream's latest "Lifetime Price Guarantee," while lacking a wireless component, will be compelling for those users who would like to have a bundled service package whose price does not jump after an introductory period.   

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