Verizon goes on the offensive in Northern New Jersey

After a summer that saw cable companies gang up on telcos and their service offerings in broadcast ads, Verizon has responded in kind, telling northern New Jersey residents that it is time to “pull the plug on their disco-era cable TV company” and try out its new FTTH FiOS network.

Verizon is targeting Comcast and Cablevision, the two big cablecos in the state, by pitching FiOS's 100 channels of HD programming. Verizon says FiOS will be available soon in southern New Jersey as well.

Shawn Strickland, vice president of video solutions for Verizon, issued a statement asserting that picture quality is also better than cable competitors, because Verizon does not perform signal compression “that some cable companies perform.”

Earlier this summer cable companies launched an aggressive ad campaign that highlighted their operational fiber networks. Cable is generally FTTN and coaxial into the house.

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