Verizon lets customers create customized FiOS bundles

Verizon (NYSE: VZ) has realized that in order to offer a more compelling reason to move away from cable to its Fiber to the Home (FTTH)-based FiOS service, they'll need to let customers choose how they want to structure their respective bundle.

Up until now, any customer that signed up for a FiOS bundle had a small amount of options for Internet speeds and the amount of TV channels assigned to specific FiOS bundles and price points.

Existing FiOS customers will now be allowed to build a custom bundle at an additional cost of $5 to $10 a month. Likewise, new customers will be able to get service discounts if they order a triple-play bundle online.

For consumers that crave higher data speeds, they can increase their speeds from 15/5 Mbps to a symmetric 25 Mbps tier for only $5 more a month ($104.99) or a symmetrical 35 Mbps data tier with 233 TV channels more than 50 in HD for an additional $10 a month ($109.99). Before this new offering was announced, customers that signed up for the 35 Mbps symmetric package would pay about $129.00 a month.

But if customer wants a triple-play package, Verizon's pricing continues to be competitive with cable offering 35 Mbps symmetrical data and 391 TV channels for $129.99 a month.

Similar to the ending of long-term FiOS service contracts and the introduction of long-term FiOS bundle pricing, Verizon's move to let customers build their own bundle is another way the telco is trying to sell consumers on the idea that FiOS can offer something besides just a faster pipe in the markets where it's available.  

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