Verizon makes a speedy move on broadband competition

Verizon today fired a shot across the bow of its cable competitors, bumping the speed of its entry-level FiOS from 10/2 Mbps to 15/5 Mbps. The download/upload speed increase is most notable for the increase in its upload speed, a move cable companies will have a tough time matching because of upstream spectrum limits, GigaOm reports.

With the increase in consumer demand for video uploads and the increased use of online backup storage, the two-way bump in speed may be a harbinger of the future. Not only has Verizon increased its entry-level offerings, but also its mid-tier product from 20/5 Mbps to 25/15 Mbps. According to a Verizon blog, customers in some areas of New York will see 35/20 Mbps offerings.

For more:
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