Verizon: No seven-year voice itch to scratch

Verizon said reports that it would migrate its voice services to all-VoIP within seven years are incorrect. The company said the comments of the Verizon executive quoted in a Bloomberg News story (and passed along by us and a whole bunch of other people via the Los Angeles Times and other publications) were misconstrued. You had to know it was too good to be true, but it's still impressive that Verizon is embracing VoIP to an extent it never has before.

Meanwhile, what will telcos eventually do when virtually everyone is using VoIP or wireless exclusively? It may not happen for quite a while, but at some point telcos will have to start thinking about it, rather than being afraid to admit it is likely to happen. At some point, maintenance of older voice network equipment isn't going to be worth the expense and trouble. How long will it take, if not seven years? 10? 15? Do I hear 20?

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