Verizon offers bundle without landline

It appears that major U.S. telcos are now strategically responding to the ongoing landline decline with operational and marketing moves that takes the emphasis off their traditional reliance on wireline voice networks and services. First, we saw Embarq outsource management of its voice network operations center functions to Nokia Siemens Networks. Now, on a much different level but likely driven by the same landline decline trends, Verizon Communications for the first time will offer a broadband bundle discount that does not require customers to buy landline service.

The Flex Double Play bundle, which is supposed to be starting this week, according to an Associated Press story, will offer discounts of $8 to $12 per month for customers bundling wireless service with FiOS broadband or TV service. It is not an altogether original move, as AT&T and other telcos have ventured into this territory, but the deemphasis of wires and traditional voice services continues, and such announcements will only become more common.

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