Verizon offers free promotion to slow DSL defection

FiOS may be Verizon's future, but with a loss of 135,000 DSL customers during the third-quarter--its worst reported loss to date--the ILEC wants to do something to stem the bleeding. Its answer is pretty simple: offer six months of DSL for free.

Verizon will also extend the free DSL promotion to customers that choose to bundle DSL with their Freedom Essentials (local and long-distance voice) service and DirecTV satellite television. This promotion will also allow customers to order a triple-play package that incorporates 3- or 7.1 Mbps DSL, DirecTV PLUS DVR and its Freedom Essentials (local and long-distance) calling package for $70 a month for a six month period. From there, the 3 Mbps service will be $94.99 a month, while the 7.1 Mbps bundle will be $104.99 a month.

Of course, the promotion does come with the catch that the subscriber has to commit to a one-year service agreement. Despite the one-year obligation, the service package which encompasses its 1-, 3- or 7.1 Mbps DSL speed tiers, could be enticing to those dial up customers that can't afford cable but would like to get broadband service.

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