Verizon's CDN push takes different path

After AT&T and telecom network operators like Level 3 Communications began pushing into the content delivery network market, you might have wondered what was up with Verizon Communications. It now looks like Verizon's CDN push will take a somewhat different path, as the carrier has announced a CDN partnership with Velocix that is notable both for its applicability to Verizon's broadband FiOS residential service, and its optimization for peer-to-peer networking.

Verizon will use Velcix equipment to support a CDN service for media companies looking for faster service delivery, and while past CDN endeavors by traditional network operators have been focused on backbone networks, Light Reading's Contentinople reports that this service also will extend to Verizon's local FiOS plant. This strategy uses Verizon's millions of FiOS customers as bait for the media firm, and also helps ensure that the advantages of the CDN capabilities are more broadly available to end users.

Regarding P2P, Velocix reportedly has been working with the P4P working group to support network-aware file distribution, and its system is designed to cache P2P content, which Verizon claimed as a key difference among CDN companies.

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