Verizon's FiOS top service in magazine poll

Strike or no strike, Verizon's FiOS is going to roll through New York City like a wildfire through dry timber--it's that good. At least that's if you believe PC Magazine readers who rate--for the second year in a row--the service as the best Internet service currently being offered.

The survey, conducted between April 7 and May 14, asked readers to rate ISPs, including fiber-based service, DSL, cable and satellite in 11 categories ranging from speed and reliability to initial setup and overall rating. "Unsurprisingly, the favored method to connect is fiber-to-the-premises, as embodied by the Verizon FiOS service," the magazine said in reporting its survey results.  "The fast fiber hookup received an 8.6 for an overall score -- the best rating of all the broadband options."

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