Verizon seeks CDN partner links

Verizon Communications and AT&T during 2008 became two of the most aggressive new players in the content delivery network business, joining network operators such as Level 3 Communications and other traditional CDN firms. Now, Verizon is launching a new discount partner program designed to woo other CDN operators to connect directly to Verizon's network. The Verizon Partner Port Program, according to a Verizon source quoted in a story at Light Reading's Contentinople, seeks to offer less expensive "per-meg" pricing than other IP network transit operators

Verizon also is looking to create network routes with fewer hops, which logically would result in better broadband performance, from the view of both content owners and end users. The CDN market has become very competitive with the emergence of new players, and the Verizon move could be a sign that IP transport network operators are ready to more fully exploit their network leverage in order to gain an edge.

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