Verizon sues John Does over CA AT&T cut cable

Legal fallout from the vandalism of four AT&T fiber optic cables around Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay area continues. Verizon Wireless and Verizon California filed suit in Santa Clara County Superior Court on Thursday against John Doe and Does (plural, up to 100), citing damage to its customers as a result of the loss of backhaul services for more than 20 hours on April 9.

The severed cables caused the loss of cell and phone service for more than 100,000 Bay Area customers of Verizon Wireless, including several law enforcement agencies, and more than 50,000 landline customers of Verizon California. The suit doesn't specify damages sought.

The suit adds to a $250,000 reward AT&T is offering for the arrest and conviction of the people responsible for the cable cuts.

Would you want the U.S.'s two biggest phone companies mad at you?

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- San Jose Mercury News reports.  

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