Verizon takes active role in RVU Alliance

Verizon Communications has joined the RVU Alliance as its fifth Founding promoter to help customers get more out of their home networking and entertainment experience. Joining the likes of Broadcom, Cisco, DIRECTV and Samsung, the RVU Alliance is developing a specification for a "pixel accurate" Remote User Interface (RUI) that will become the key technology behind RVU's home networking technology. Verizon said it joined the RVU so it could enable FiOS TV customers to connect various electronic devices (TVs, gaming consoles or even DVD players) throughout a home network.

With DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) as its foundation, RVU is developing a set of technical specifications that will allow consumers to distribute their content throughout their home network through one server that communicates via IP links with other home networking devices. Interestingly, the RVU Alliance says that the specifications could eventually eliminate the set-top box and related wiring clutter that traditionally comes with setting up a home network and entertainment system. While still in an early stage, if the RVU Alliance is serious about driving further integration and ease of use of entertainment products in the home, the next stage will be to get the buy-in of the major electronics manufacturers.

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