Verizon takes Manhattan into FiOS family

Verizon Communications is finally pushing into Manhattan with its FiOS broadband services, and we don't mean Manhattan, Kansas (though nothing against Manhattan, Kan.--that Michael Beasley is something else. Nice run, Wildcats). No, Verizon is launching its first FiOS services--telephone and Internet, not yet TV--on the island of Manhattan in a massive community of buildings on the East Side that contain more than 11,000 apartments.

Verizon doesn't have a deal with New York City yet to run a video franchise, but we are beginning to see the next phase of FiOS after Verizon has taken it into the suburban communities in its coverage areas that it most desires. Perhaps we are also seeing Verizon get in position to take advantage of the Federal Communications Commission loosening the multi-dwelling unit contract exclusivity. In this initial rollout, Verizon will be competing against Time Warner Cable and RCN. The telco passed about 2.4 million apartment buildings with FiOS by the end of last year, with about 560,000 apartment dwellers viable to be sold service through agreements with building owners and landlords.

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