Verizon wants Nortel PBB, jury still out on PBT

Verizon Communications said it would deploy provider backbone bridging technology from Nortel Networks in its metro Ethernet networks, and--wait a minute, didn't Verizon just shun that technology last week? Not quite. It was reported last week that Verizon favored VPLS over provider backbone transport as a next-generation core solution in its intercity networks. At that time, it still appeared that the telco was looking into close PBT relation PBB for deployment in its metro networks. So, this PBB announcement falls in line with those expectations.

Now, it's true that Nortel is the top promoter of PBT, and actually views PBB deployment as a step that could lead to PBT implementation. The general difference in the two technologies is that PBB is a more stripped-down version of PBT. So, could Verizon and other large telcos still have eyes for PBT? Some industry watchers believe the PBT has only slowed momentarily.

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