Verizon won't delay P2P traffic, unless...

As regulators begin to look at Comcast's delaying of peer-to-peer Internet traffic and whether or not other ISPs might find justification to do the same, Verizon Communications is choosing its words carefully. Verizon executive vice president Tom Tauke said Verizon sees no need right now to delay P2P traffic, and he used the controversy to promote how telco broadband networks are different than cable TV networks in that they don't rely on shared bandwidth architectures. Of course, that doesn't mean that an explosion in P2P traffic couldn't make trouble for telcos at deeper points in their networks 

Tauke was careful not to rule out the possibility that Verizon could resort to "legitimate" prioritization of voice traffic over Internet data if there seems a potential danger to voice reliability. The Federal Communications Commission will try to help the telecom industry decide what is legitimate and what is not. Good luck.

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