VMware is bringing its talents to edge computing

VMware is blending its cloud services with its SD-WAN offerings to better enable edge computing and internet of things deployments. (VMware)

VMware is throwing its weight behind edge computing by developing a framework that takes its hybrid cloud and multicloud environments to the edge.

VMware said its edge compute strategy includes simplifying edge and infrastructure complexity, security and scale in order to let customers focus on running their businesses instead of the underlying infrastructure.

A key element of VMware's edge strategy is its VMware NSX SD-WAN products, which are based on its acquisition of SD-WAN vendor VeloCloud last year. VMware said its edge strategy includes blending hybrid cloud, multicloud and native cloud technologies with new edge capabilities powered by its NSX SD-WAN offering.

At VMworld in Las Vegas yesterday, CEO Pat Gelsinger also announced a new product called Project Dimension. Project Dimension will combine VMware Cloud Foundation with a hybrid cloud control plane to deliver software-defined data infrastructure as an end-to-end service that’s operated by VMware. Project Dimension was also designed to further reduce complexities for customers across IT, operations and developer communities.

Project Dimension, which doesn't have a launch date, also uses NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud to enable connectivity with other regions such as data centers or cloud, according to a blog post by Kit Colbert, CTO, cloud platform business at VMware.

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In an interview with FierceTelecom yesterday, Lee Doyle, principal analyst at Doyle Research, said VMware is working to further integrate all of the VeloCloud SD-WAN products into more of its end-to-end based products and services.

According to Colbert, the benefits of Product Dimension include reduced operational expenses and cost, operational consistency across cloud environments and data centers and the ability to offer a diverse set of applications and services.

VMware also said its edge compute strategy would help customers speed up the adoption of internet of things applications and services.

"So, in summary, we believe Project Dimension will provide a huge opportunity for customers to significantly enhance their ability to deliver at the edge and on-premises data center," Colbert wrote in his blog.