Vodafone Germany puts VDSL on the runway

Looking to expand its service capabilities beyond wireless services, Vodafone Germany went public with its plans to build a VDSL pilot network in Heilbronn, Germany. Working in conjunction with German telco incumbent Deutsche Telekom (DT), Vodafone Germany will construct a VDSL pilot network that will connect 50,000 homes and deliver speeds of up to 50 Mbps. In Vodafone Germany's second VDSL pilot trial in Wuerzburg, DT will build the network. However, Vodafone Germany's plans to expand into other German cities have been deadlocked in a debate over gaining access to DT's local access copper facilities.

Being a incumbent carrier, DT is not exactly known for playing nice with competitors. But in an uncharacteristic move, DT announced during last spring's Cebit show that it would open its VDSL network to competition. Analysts believe that by opening up the network voluntarily, DT can simultaneously thwart the ongoing cable company threat, while showing regulators its commitment to fostering competition. 

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