Vodafone 'killing off' rival ISPs in Ghana, says minister; Vox to offer 7-inch business class VoIP video phone

> Ghana's Minister of Communications has called on the country's National Communications Authority (NCA) to take action to stop Vodafone Ghana from "killing off" rival ISPs, Telegeography reports. The minister says Vodafone is acting as both wholesaler and retailer in its business practices. Story.

> No more waiting all day for the cable guy to show up--at least, if Time Warner Cable's (NYSE: TWC-WI) new Signature Home premium subscriber package, featuring "specific" appointment times, works out. It'll be interesting to see how many Charlotte, N.C. area customers (where the initial trial is being conducted, reports Bloomberg) shell out $189.95 a month for the package. Story.

> Vox Communications will offer a seven-inch business class video phone, the Ojo Vision Digital Video Phone, starting in the first quarter of 2011, bundled with unlimited calling plans for both voice and video. News release.

> 2011 will be a big year for Ethernet wireless backhaul, writes ATLANTIC-ACM president Fedor Smith in a von|xchange blog post. "Wireless buyers are projecting significant increases in Ethernet spending next year; almost triple that of all other metro wholesale customers," he says. Post.

> By using packet-optical transport technology to bypass core routers, service providers can save better than half their capex costs, says Tellabs (Nasdaq: TLAB). The trouble is, Connected Planet reports, a Tellabs survey at the recent Futurecom in Sao Paolo, Brazil, found that less than 6 percent of respondents "believed that to be true." Story.

And finally... Parents and teachers are fretting about the amount of distractions teenagers have in the form of smartphones, laptop computers, and other consumer devices, a New York Times article says. Yet at the same time, efforts to use technology in the classroom are intensifying. Story.