Vodafone says it's not easy being green, but it'll try

In recognition of Earth Day, this bit on Vodafone going green: The company said it's planning to cut CO2 emissions by 50 percent by 2020, using its 2006-2007  reduction emissions as a starting point.

"It is good for the environment but also makes sense for the business," said CEO Arun Sarin. "It resonates from a financial perspective, as improving energy efficiency helps us to control costs. We have reviewed the options, including carbon offsetting, and have concluded that the most effective strategy is to cut our CO2 emissions directly. There are no simple solutions to what is a complex challenge but, through operational changes and technological innovation, we will focus on improving energy efficiency in our networks, which account for 80 percent of our emissions."

The company said it will introduce solar chargers for its handsets to allow users to also cut their own carbon footprints.

Tom Delay, CEO of the Carbon Trust, said Vodafone's move was "what consumers expect and want to see from leading businesses in the UK and abroad."

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