VoIP leads IMS charge

Infonetics Research has a new report suggesting that about 75 percent of service providers around the world plan to offer VoIP services over IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) infrastructure by the first half of 2009. That comes as good news, as the industry has begun to see something of a backlash against IMS, but it's probably not what most vendors and carriers had in mind for this standard as it evolved over the last several years.

IMS traditionally has been seen as an eventual supporter of fixed-mobile converged services, including VoIP, but multimedia services increasingly were touted in recent years as the chief beneficiaries of the new network standardization. Instead, carriers have been rolling out those services independent of IMS because of the cost and risk involved. The research also shows that some in the industry may still have interoperability concerns about IMS deployment, despite a multitude of public interoperability tests in recent years.

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