Volta teams up with Edgecore to accelerate virtual routing deployments with operators

Volta Networks and Edgecore partner up to drive virtual routing deployments by operators. (Pixabay)

Edgecore Networks and Volta Networks have teamed up to accelerate virtual routing deployments for network operators.

The partnership includes running Volta's cloud-native virtual routing software on Edgecore's open networking switches. Volta claims that its Volta Elastic Virtual Routing Engine (VEVRE) can reduce the total cost of ownership by 90% compared to legacy routers from competitors, which would include Cisco, Juniper Networks and Arista Networks, by putting the processing in the cloud.

On the virtual router front, Volta competes against Cisco, Juniper Networks, IP Infusion, Cumulous Networks and 6WIND.

Volta's routing software will initially be paired with Edgecore's open network AS7316-26XB switch to help provide scalability for disaggregated cell site gateways or other network applications.

VEVRE can scale up to 255 virtual routers per switch, as well as support industry standard routing protocols and carrier automation. Volta uses a GRPC API, which was developed by Google, and interfaces with OpenDaylight-based platforms. The bulk of the protocols that Volta uses are from the Linux Foundation's Free Range Routing open source community. For ASICs, Volta supports the entire Broadcom product lineup.

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Volta's VEVRE, which was announced earlier this year, also separates the control and data planes to reduce the cost compared to traditional routers.