Week in Research: LTE services to hit $11 billion by 2014; FCC market power test a boondoggle

LTE hits its stride: By 2015, LTE services will generate more than $11 billion in revenue in the United States alone, says ABI research, with an additional $650 million expected in western Europe. However, LTE will live up to its name--Long Term Evolution--particularly in voice services, which may not enter the picture until 2013 or 2014 due to the cost of replacing legacy systems. News release.

The impossible dream: The FCC's new "market power" test, which is used in evaluating petitions for forbearance from regulations for communications providers,  is naïve at best and just won't work, the Phoenix Center says in a new study. "Every first year student of telecommunications law and economics learns that marginal cost pricing is infeasible, indeed irrational, in communications markets, yet the FCC requires evidence of such pricing as the forbearance threshold," says Phoenix Center Chief Economist and study co-author Dr. George Ford. The study is free to download from the Center's website  News release.

IPTV, satellite flattening cable revenues: Residential subscribers to satellite and telco IPTV video services rose significantly this year--40 percent for telco IPTV--while cable video sub numbers are flat, says Infonetics Research in a new report. Telecom service providers offering voice, video and Internet access services will bring in $245.5 billion in subscriber revenues in North America for 2010, a 2.1 percent increase over last year. News release.

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