Week in research: Multiscreen content catches telecom's eye; Boulder challenges Silicon Valley as geekiest city

European elcos embrace multiscreen content: In the face of mounting landline voice losses, traditional telecom operators in Europe are taking a closer look at the possibilities provided by fast-multiplying connected devices in consumer households, a new Pyramid Research report reveals. "There is a feeling of urgency to provide content across multiple devices," said Sylwia Boguszewska, analyst. Almost every telco in Europe is either testing or is in the process of deploying multiscreen content, Pyramid said.   News release

Multiscreen impacts video equipment sales: The continuing move by operators to deploy multiscreen content has had an interesting effect on sales of video equipment in EMEA and North America, Infonetics Research reports. While overall global revenue from video on demand (VoD), streaming servers, edge QAMs and video encoders decreased 3.6 percent to $251 million from Q1 2010 to Q2 2011, sales of VoD equipment increased sequentially by 4 percent. "Second quarter declines in some video equipment segments--particularly video encoders--in North America and EMEA were the result of operators pausing to re-evaluate deployment strategies as they begin to implement multi-screen video services," said Teresa Mastrangelo, Infonetics' directing analyst for video. "We expect this pause to be limited in duration, as most vendors feel positive that operators will restart video equipment purchases before year-end." News release

Infonetics VoD servers 2011

Geeks rule: Boulder, Colo. is now the second geekiest city in the United States, according to a Forbes report. Using National Science Foundation criteria, the report found that 17 percent of Boulder's workforce is engaged in the science and technology fields. This is just 1 percentage point behind Silicon Valley's San Jose, Calif., where 18 percent of the workforce is employed in science or technology. Home to network-neutral colocation and infrastructure provider Zayo Group and managed-video-as-a-service (MVaaS) provider Envysion, among others, Boulder was a strong contender in the geek ratings. News release