Week in research: Private line forecast at $43B; France likes its VoD

Private line shows modest growth: As the demand for higher bandwidth private lines offsets the shift from lower bandwidth private lines (ATM and Frame Relay) to packet-based services, Insight Research forecasts that the market will reach $43 billion by 2016. The major contributors to private line revenue growth will be data-based cloud computing and demand for new bandwidth-intensive wireline and wireless applications. "The insatiable demand for data has kept the private line market relatively steady over the past five years and we expect this trend to continue," says Insight Research Director Fran Caulfield. "The need to backhaul data-intensive 4G wireless services and increased local bandwidth for wireline data and video services will sustain the private line segment for the foreseeable future." Release

Consumer electronics drive WiFi chipset revenue: As more consumer electronics manufacturers incorporate WiFi into their devices, including smart meters, wireless mice, automobiles, and home automation will help drive sales of WiFi chipsets to $6.1 billion in 2015. "As WiFi appears in more and more devices the demand for additional bandwidth will grow along with it," says Greg Potter, analyst with In-Stat. "Granted, broadband speeds are not yet fully utilizing the available bandwidth allowed by WiFi. However, newer use cases--such as streaming high-definition video from devices to the TV-necessitate an increase in bandwidth. New standards such as 802.11ac aim to provide that necessary speed increase." Release

French consumers tune into VoD: French consumers like their Video on Demand (VoD) service, as the 34 percent penetration of the video market shows. According to a study from GfK Technology and Retail France, France's VoD market revenues rose 10 percent in 2011. However, DVD player sales declined 12 percent. The overall French consumer electronic market, one that includes smart TV, smartphones and PCs, fell 4.5 percent last year. Article