Wholesale services rising; U.S. online video viewership grows 40 percent

> Wholesale carriers are excited about their chances, explains a new Connected Planet article. Citing a new study from the Yankee Group, 77 percent of wholesale service providers expect to achieve revenue growth over the next two years, with 37 percent expecting to grow "significantly." Story

> Martin Toha, who is often hailed as one of this century's most innovative entrepreneurs, has received a number of big bids for his two flagship ventures VoIP.com and Profinity.com. Although Toha said in a recent interview he wasn't looking to sell either company, he would consider any offer. Release

> Verizon has introduced a mobile services enablement platform that will help business customers design their applications for a mobile environment. The benefit is that their workers will be able to access the applications across different devices with the same experience as if they were accessing the applications from the comfort of their office desktop PC. Release

> After UK government spending wrapped recently, Cable&Wireless Worldwide reported that it was pleased with its full-year forecasts, which helped give its shares a boost. During the third quarter, the UK-based business provider's revenue declined 1.6 percent to $1.79 billion, while customer activity showed signs of life at the end of the six month period. Story

And finally ... It's true: Americans like online video. Well, according to a Gigaom post citing data from the most recent comScore Video Metrix, online video viewing grew 40 percent since October 2009. In October, 175 million U.S.-based Internet users watched about 15.1 hours of video. This was up from the 10.8 hour average comScore reported in October 2009. Story