Wind, ForthNet to offer VDSL service over OTE's new network

Wind and ForthNet, two competitive carriers in Greece, on Wednesday signed a wholesale agreement with incumbent provider OTE to deliver up to 50 Mbps VDSL service to their customers.

Both Wind and ForthNet are going to offer speeds of up to 50 Mbps. They will also charge users an additional €10.00 ($13.00) to add VDSL services to existing ADSL2+ offerings.

These agreements should not be all that much of a surprise, as OTE said when it launched its VDSL service that it would offer it directly to its customers and wholesale customers like Wind.

On Tuesday, OTE, following two years of work to get its plans approved with Greece's telecom regulator, launched their 50 Mbps VDSL service for its own customer base.

Wind and ForthNet's agreement for VDSL with OTE shows the growing demand for higher speed copper-based DSL service.

While VDSL2 is showing some traction in the United States with service providers such as AT&T (NYSE: T) and Windstream (Nasdaq: WIN), the majority of the deployments have been taking place in Europe. In addition to OTE, Wind and ForthNet, Belgacom, Cable & Wireless and Deutsche Telekom are finding utility in extending their respective copper pairs by leveraging VDSL2 and emerging copper techniques, including vectoring.

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