Windstream announces Carrier Switched Ethernet expansion, names new chairman

Las Vegas -- Windstream Communications ended last week on a negative note with a defeat in its effort to limit municipal broadband networks, but has started this week with two positive bits of news: At the COMPTEL PLUS conference, the telco announced a nationwide expansion of its Carrier Switched Ethernet service. In addition, an on an unrelated note, the company named a new chairman.

The Carrier Switched Ethernet expansion pushes the service throughout Windstream's entire footprint to major metro areas, such as New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Denver and Phoenix. Doing so will help Windstream's carrier customer to extend multi-location data solutions more broadly and cost-effectively to their customers.

The telco has Carrier Switched Ethernet available in interconnect ports of 100 Mbps, 1 Gbps, and 10 Gbps, with support for end user loops from 3 Mbps to 1 Gbps.

The offering should help further enhance Windstream's growing reputation in the Ethernet sector. Vertical Systems group noted in its latest Ethernet Leaderboard market rankings that Windstream is becoming an increasingly viable player in the market.

Meanwhile, Windstream also named Jeffrey Hinson the new chairman of the board for Windstream, a move which will become effective on May 1. Hinson is being elevated from his current role as an independent member of the board. He will replace Dennis Foster, who has been Windstream chairman since 2010, and after the coming change will continue to serve as a board member. Hinson's appointment fits with Windstream's ongoing plan of having a new chairman chosen every three years.

Unlike some companies, Windstream also has made an effort to keep the chairman job filled by someone other than the company CEO and president. Jeff Gardner will continue in both of the latter jobs as this change proceeds.

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