Windstream expands UC VoIP business service presence

Windstream (Nasdaq: WIN) has expanded the reach of its business unified communications service suite to almost 100 new cities within in its serving area.

By allowing businesses to combine their respective voice, data and Internet services on one common connection, Windstream claims they can save business customers money on their total communications spend.

Specific markets that will be able to take advantage of the new converged VoIP/data include cities in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, Ohio, Nebraska, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Georgia and Kentucky.

The expansion of the UC VoIP service is a reflection of Windstream's overall expansion of its IP-based capabilities for the business market--a process it has grown both organically and through key acquisitions of two CLECs (NuVox and Norlight Telecom via its acquisition of Q-Comm) as well as cloud provider Hosted Solutions.

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