Wireless marketer to tend Verizon landline

Whether you look at the corporate earnings report's bottom line or the corporate letterhead's top lines, it is clear that wireless is overtaking wireline as the telecom industry chief growth engine. Verizon Communications confirmed late last week that Marilyn O'Connell, chief marketing officer of landline unit Verizon Telecom, is retiring, and will be replaced by Verizon Wireless executive Mike Ritter. That move follows the ascendance of former wireless-side execs Denny Strigl, Dick Lynch and John Stratton in the parent company's hierarchy. Verizon isn't the only telco turning to wireless for growth and executive talent. AT&T also has made several moves to weave wireline and wireless interests.

Meanwhile, O'Connell retires just as FiOS broadband and TV growth, the marketing of which she oversaw, kicks into high gear. Verizon has marketed FiOS successfully and aggressively, to the extent that its tactics often have been criticized by its primary cable TV competition.

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