WSJ: Qwest eyeing sale of long-haul network

Remember Qwest Communications' old slogan "Ride the Light"? Well, the company is now looking into selling the long-haul fiber network that provided the "light," according to a story at the Wall Street Journal. The story suggests the network could be worth between $2 billion and $3 billion, which Qwest could use to manage billions more than that in debt.

AT&T, Verizon Communications, Level 3 Communications and tw telecom were listed as potential bidders, none of which seems too surprising, and the naming of Level 3, the wholesale network industry's leading consolidator for many years, is down-right predictable. It would be an interesting time to sell a long-haul network, just as bandwidth demand is zooming, but maybe part of the reason that Qwest would consider a sale is because it doesn't want to keep up with the accompanying demand in new technology. Just thinking out loud.

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- The Wall Street Journal has this story

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