XO incorporates Ciena into its 100G metro, regional network plans

XO Communications on Wednesday fit another piece into its 100G network puzzle in place by naming Ciena (Nasdaq: CIEN) as another of its optical suppliers.

Having already deployed Ciena's 4200 platform throughout this network, the new platform will accommodate a number of legacy SONET and next-gen protocols such as Ethernet and Fibre Channel in addition to delivering managed wavelength services in 1G to 10G, 40G and 100G increments.

"What we're using Ciena initially for is 100G for metro DWDM systems," said Randy Nicklas, CTO of XO Communications. "We're a long time user of Ciena in this context building metro and regional networks in order to get greater capillarity off of our intercity network when we get to carrier hotels."

Although it plans to extend these new capabilities throughout its nationwide network over the next year, the service provider initially has begun offering services on this enhanced network in New York City to wholesale carrier customers, connecting key carrier hotels like 111 Eighth Avenue.

The first ring in New York City will include three nodes, including 60 Hudson Street, an important meet place for service providers in Manhattan.  

Nicklas said XO "anticipates further construction with 6500 systems in the New York metropolitan areas, including some New Jersey sites as well."

Although XO already has a number of Ciena's 4200 platforms already deployed throughout its network, Nicklas said that all new network builds will use the 6500 platform.

"Ciena is our lead metro DWDM vendor and has been for some time," he said. "We'll continue to operate the 4200 systems, but when it comes to new construction we're going with the 6500 platform, and in large part that's somewhat driven by its 100G capabilities."

As part of its drive to deliver services to enterprise customers, XO will also introduce the 6500 into its carrier managed services offering.

Upgrading its network to meet 100G capabilities has been an ongoing priority for XO's ambitious network plans.

The deployment of Ciena's 6500 platform, which follows its previous agreement with Nokia Siemens Networks for its intercity and long haul networks, is set on its metro and regional networks. Interestingly, its other main optical supplier was not included in either deployment, but that does not mean it's out of the running for future 100G deployments.

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