XO, Interxion sign onto CENX's Carrier Ethernet Exchange

CENX's Carrier Ethernet Exchange--which continues to gain ground as an emerging service provider--announced this week that both U.S.-based XO and European-based Inerxion signed on as new customers.

On the domestic front, XO will leverage the CENX Carrier Ethernet Exchange to make its Ethernet nationwide--it currently reaches four million U.S. buildings. Customers in need of another source of Ethernet connectivity will be able to access XO's Ethernet service presence in 75 markets with speeds that scale as low as 3 Mbps and up to 10 Gbps.

Looking to expand its Ethernet offerings, European colocation and data center provider Interxion is partnering with CENX to debut a pan-European Carrier Neutral Ethernet Exchange service. Set to be initially offered in Interxion's London data center this June with plans to bring the service to its Amsterdam and Paris locations, the joint service will be able to expand the reach of Carrier Ethernet across Europe.

While CENX has gained considerable momentum for its Carrier Ethernet Exchange program in the U.S., the agreement with Interxion gives the service provider an immediate entry into the European Ethernet market. "This gives us a foundation to expand CENX's offerings in Europe," said Nan Chen, CEO and co-founder of CENX. "Interxion has 27 new data centers in 11 European countries. The partnership is really helping us to quickly expand into the European Ethernet market."

For more:
- see the XO release here
- here's the Interxion release

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