XO introduces enterprise-class cloud computing, data backup and storage services

XO Communications is appealing to its large IP/MPLS network customer base by introducing three new offerings that it says will give its traditional business customers a way to transition to cloud services. 

These offerings include XO Enterprise Cloud, XO Cloud Drive, and XO Cloud Vault.

Enterprise Cloud leverages HP, VMware, and EMC hardware platforms from and Fortinet security. Cloud Drive offers a simple way for multisite business customers to backup critical data, while the Cloud Drive provides enterprise employees sharing and collaboration.

All of these services are based on XO's Concentric cloud technology and offer related service level agreements, security, and high-performance data center and network infrastructure.

This trio of cloud services builds off the initial public cloud service offering that's now known as "Cloud Express."

Jake Heinz, vice president of marketing at XO Communications, told FierceTelecom that instead of chasing the public cloud market, it has a better chance at providing more of a private offering for its business customer base.

"We're not out to go head-to-head with Amazon (Nasdaq: AMZN), Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) and Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) with low-cost computing resources," Heinz said. "This is taking high performance computing resources in a highly secure environment and coupling with the private network we bring to bear."

Heinz added that the new offerings can address the security concerns of the more traditional IT community that have been reluctant to use cloud services.

"The IT guys are moving slowly and we see a lot of their issues are around security and performance," Heinz said. "It's on top of the VMware stack to address some of the virtualization they have been doing on premise already and it includes IDPS in the cloud environment in terms of additional security."  

XO will host these new cloud services out of CoreSite's Tier III data centers located in Northern Virginia and Southern California. The service provider is deploying the cloud service at CoreSite's One Wilshire campus in Los Angeles which provides proximity to over 180 networks and it plans grow its presence at CoreSite's Reston, Va. data center campus.

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Updated headline on June 12 to address cloud-based computing, storage, and data backup services