Xtera acquires Meriton in optical match

WDM and long-haul optical vendor Xtera Communications has acquired metro optical vendor Meriton Networks in a deal which on the surface appears to be the latest step in optical vendor consolidation. However, Light Reading also points out that Meriton last year had begun developing its own take on ultra-hot provider backbone transport technology, so perhaps PBT and strategic timing played their parts as well.

Meriton had been around for eight years and was first called Edgeflow. Later, the company made news with the acquisition of Mahi Networks 2005, and also as a rumored acquisition target itself for some time before the Xtera deal happened. Xtera, based in the Dallas area, reportedly already has laid off 35 of Canadian firm Meriton's employees. Meriton CEO Mike Gascoe also will not be joining Xtera.

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