Zayo debuts DDoS mitigation service, protects up to 120G of attacks

Zayo Group is giving its enterprise customers another tool to stay ahead of network attacks with its new Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) mitigation solution.

With the ability to protect against attacks up to 120 Gbps, the service offers managed re-routing of impacted traffic to one of the service provider's global scrubbing centers.

Leveraging a series of updated software and hardware upgrades, Zayo can identify malicious traffic and re-route through a system that identifies and drops the traffic, while allowing flow of real data to the sites.

What could set Zayo's DDoS service apart from the competition is that it uses advanced behavioral analytic technology, which can look deeply into each packet and decide if it should be dropped. Unlike other methods, behavioral analytics are less prone to false positives than simple rate based analysis.

DDoS attacks, which overwhelm a system with floods of incoming traffic, have grown both in volume and complexity in recent months. Businesses that don't have a mitigation plan in place are subject to costly downtime and in some cases, even ransom requests from the hackers.

Zayo is amongst a number of large service providers that are enhancing their DDoS and overall security service platforms. AT&T (NYSE: T), Level 3 and other service providers have continued to expand the availability of such services.

One of the issues that Zayo will be able to address is making large and medium businesses aware of DDoS risks and helping them create a cybersecurity plan.

AT&T, which offers a number of on-demand and DDoS security services, said in its third Cybersecurity Insights report that "66% of organizations have no effective incident response plan."

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