Zayo wraps up integration of 360Networks' long haul network

Zayo Group has completed another step in building its empire by completing the integration of 360Networks' long haul network. Zayo now has a combined national network that spans 45,000 route miles in 42 states and over 70 metro markets.

Existing 360networks and Zayo customers will be able to tap into deeper metro asset network links in key markets such as Denver, Phoenix, Spokane, Las Vegas and others to get access to the larger national footprint.

Zayo will also provide interconnect points between the formerly independent networks in 11 other locations in the Midwest, Northwest, and West states.

Additionally, customers will be able to access the national network via points-of-presence in an additional 100 smaller markets such as Boseman and Butte, Mont., Hudson, Ohio, Wilkes Barre and Erie, Pa., leveraging Zayo's metro fiber network connections.

Having only completed the acquisition of 360Networks in December, David Howson, President of Zayo Bandwidth said the integration of the company "was completed in less than four months" with a focus on "minimizing disruption to our customers."

With the completion of 360Networks integration, the service provider will turn its attention to AboveNet, which it announced it would acquire in March.

During the recent COMPTEL PLUS show in San Francisco, Dan Caruso, co-founder, president and CEO, said that "we will start in earnest the pre-integration work of AboveNet in the mid-May to June timeframe and hopefully by the end of the year get most of the integration behind us and in 2013 it will be all about running the business."

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