Wholesale service provider Epsilon is expanding its presence in the United States to provide more connectivity options for its end customers.

When it came to deploying an SD-WAN service, Comcast Business took the road less traveled compared to some of its competitors' offerings.

Deutsche Telekom is working with Niantic to create a better user experience for augmented gaming on mobile networks.

Video services will be the top driver for edge services while telcos are well positioned to deliver the goods at the edge, according to research by IHS Markit.

In order to more tightly align its platforms with Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry has added two new projects—Eirini and CF Containerization—to its lineup.

Network slicing is a core element of 5G services, but Nokia sees it as a means for operators to deploy network-as-a-service for fixed broadband.

Juniper Networks is taking a multi-pronged approach toward enabling automation processes that includes an open-source community and online lessons.

CenturyLink is offering enterprise customers dynamic connectivity to Amazon Web Services to allow them to self-provision their network connections.