NetElastic has struck virtual broadband network gateway partnerships with SDN network operating software company NoviFlow and appliance maker Lanner.

AvidThink founder and principal Roy Chua makes the case that containerization and cloud-native functions have yet to truly arrive in telecom.

In order to drive down costs and ramp up the speed of innovation, AT&T is taking an open source-first approach to virtualization.

Arm predicts that the number of IoT and other endpoint devices will, ultimately, far surpass the current number of global smartphones.

Businesses often have their data stored in a variety of places. Google wants them to move that data to its Cloud.

FatPipe Networks became the latest SD-WAN vendor to announce a tie-in with a cloud provider with Tuesday's news that it's working with Microsoft…

Months of research reveals that data-center professionals are looking to smarten up their data centers rather than just adding more bandwidth and servers.

Epsilon is looking for more SDN-based intercarrier partnerships after launching one of the first with DCConnect.