Verizon has completed its $225 million acquisition of WideOpenWest’s fiber network assets in Chicago.

TDS Telecom has revealed its new top management team as Jim Butman gets ready to assume the CEO role.

CenturyLink wants the FCC to continue policing network interconnection agreements even if the regulator repeals net neutrality rules.

A group of 63 rural providers sent a letter to Congress asking members to support FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s net neutrality proposal.

Juniper Networks plans to move the codebase for its OpenContrail open-source network virtualization platform for the cloud to the Linux Foundation.

AT&T has launched two field trials of its powerline-based AirGig technology.

Bell Canada has become one of the first service providers to deploy Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP) in its network.

The FCC has released a draft MOU on how it and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) would enforce Title I regulations after overturning net neutrality.