Altice USA trots out multi-gig Optimum fiber in Connecticut

Altice USA is ramping up its multi-gig expansion, bringing its symmetrical 2-gig and 5-gig service to Optimum fiber customers in Connecticut.

This marks Optimum’s second multi-gig rollout, as Altice in June introduced these service tiers to parts of Long Island, New York. In both New York and Connecticut, the 2-gig service costs $120 per month, and the 5-gig offer is priced at $180 per month.

An operator spokesperson confirmed to Fierce Telecom that Optimum’s multi-gig speeds are available across its entire Connecticut fiber network.

“Apart from Connecticut, multi-gigabit is available across the Optimum Long Island fiber footprint; the service continues to roll out in phases across the tri-state area, which also includes Westchester, New Jersey, Brooklyn, and the Bronx,” the spokesperson added.

Altice says the multi-gig connectivity lets customers stream high resolution video up to 8K and perform data-intensive online activities like virtual reality applications and gaming. The higher internet speeds also give Optimum’s Smart Wi-Fi 6 product improved home Wi-Fi coverage.

Matt Grover, Optimum’s EVP of consumer and business services, stated, “Our 5-gig and 2-gig fiber internet offers speeds more than twice as fast as the competition, and we can’t wait for our Connecticut customers to begin experiencing the fastest fiber internet service in the tri-state area.”

Lightpath, an Altice USA-owned fiber provider, is also making moves in Connecticut. The company this month revealed plans to build more than 70 fiber route miles bridging Connecticut and New York.

Altice’s push for multi-gig service comes after competitor Verizon Fios debuted in February a symmetrical 2-gig broadband tier in New York City. Fios’ 2-gig plan also costs $120 per month, and its customers require a router capable of that speed.

Speaking at Altice’s second quarter earnings call, Altice USA CEO Dexter Goei touted Optimum’s service in comparison to Fios’ offering.

“It's our belief that's going to take our friends over at Verizon many, many years to catch up in terms of the investments in order to be able to duplicate the speeds and the experience that we're able to provide,” Goei said, per an earnings call transcript.

Roger Entner, founder and lead analyst at Recon Analytics, told Fierce Telecom it’ll be a climb for Altice until consumers have forgotten the old Altice cable experience. He said he hasn’t seen Verizon respond yet to Altice’s latest expansion.

“It is only a matter of time until Verizon Fios will offer 2-gig and 5-gig service as well,” he added. “I think Verizon marches here to the sound of its own drummer.”

Verizon reported 36,000 net subscriber additions for Fios in Q2. The operator previously stated it aims to expand the 2-gig offer to additional Fios markets later this year.

As for other operators getting in on gigabit service, Comcast unveiled this month a 2-gig offering for markets in Colorado, Georgia and Florida. Comcast also said it plans to launch symmetrical multi-gig broadband in the second half of 2023, though it hasn’t disclosed what speed it would offer.