Anritsu offers one-button test feature for Network Master series platform

Anritsu has added a One-Button test capability to its Network Master Pro MT1000A and Network Master Flex MT1100A transport test platforms. The new feature, which is enabled via the vendor's new Scenario Edit Environment Kit (SEEK) MX100003A, aims to simplify and accelerate the end-to-end process of installing and maintaining high-speed core and metro networks. Based on detailed test configuration files technicians can create on a PC, the one-button test feature allows service providers to implement their own test procedures. To run the tests in the field, engineers and technicians connect the Network Master instrument to the cable, device, or network under test and press the user-created icon. A network technician can include contextual or graphical prompts while completing multiple sequential tests with user-defined pass/fail thresholds. When these prompts are created, the file is loaded into the appropriate Network Master transport tester and saved to the Utilities tab.

Service provider teams responsible for operations management, network quality control and network expansion can create "single-file" test scripts, including multiple tests, such as electrical/fiber optical cable testing, BERT, RFC2544, and Y.1564, each with individual criteria so technicians know when each test is complete and can continue to the next test section. Flexible settings allow technicians to input network details, and change the configuration and pass/fail criteria while still being managed by the service provider for greater network quality and versatility. Additionally, the one-button test system also supports creation of default test packages with minimum required adjustment by field technicians to reduce human error and time during installation and testing of new service turn up. The technician can select the appropriate one-button test on the Network Master transport tester, follow on-screen instructions, and views the test results progress. When the test is completed, a single file containing all results is created to simplify and expedite the submission process. Release