News of Note—Verizon, Frontier, BT and more

news of note

Here are some other news stories we’re following today:

> Following Hurricane Maria, and learning of the magnitude of the damage left by the storm, Verizon pledged an additional $4 million and a commitment to identify organizations that could provide significant long-term recovery assistance to the islands. Release

> Attorney General Jeff Sessions said technology companies are not doing enough to help federal investigators access encrypted communication. Reuters article

> Frontier Communications' FiOS Quantum TV subscribers will now be able to get a hands-free video experience using Amazon Alexa. Release

> QTS Realty Trust announced that Telia Carrier has deployed a connectivity node in QTS' Richmond mega data center. Release

> Angry U.K. villagers upset over slow broadband speeds have burned an effigy of a BT Openreach van. Telegraph article