Telco Systems scores 10 Gbps mobile backhaul contract from Tier 1 Ethernet provider

Telco Systems said it has been awarded a major contract extension from a Tier 1 wholesale carrier of Ethernet mobile backhaul services in the U.S. Telco Systems will deploy hundreds of its T-Marc 3348 devices in order for the Tier 1 wholesale carrier to offer 10 Gbps Ethernet mobile backhaul services throughout the northeast of the United States.

The T-Marc 3348 is an Ethernet/MPLS demarcation device built for connecting base stations and controller sites running LTE and LTE Advanced. Telco Systems said it has already deployed 2,500 T-Marc devices.

The new deployment is part of a strategic effort on the part of the Tier 1 operator, which Telco Systems did not name, to launch of 10 Gbps mobile backhaul services, supporting capacity demands surrounding LTE technologies and future 5G deployments.

"We see this project as a solid indicator of the increasing demand for higher bandwidth mobile backhaul services. As wireless service providers' cell site densification continues, driven by accelerating demand for mobile data services, the need for higher bandwidth mobile backhaul will continue to increase," said Reinhard Florin, Telco Systems North America VP of sales and solution engineering, in a statement. "Telco Systems has an installed base in over 20 wholesale mobile backhaul carriers in North America. Based on this on-the-ground vantage point, we anticipate strong demand as customers upgrade existing 1Gbps Ethernet-based mobile backhaul networks to 10Gbps Ethernet."

Telco Systems provides three versions of the T-Marc: a standard temperature-grade version suitable for installation in wireless carriers' environmentally controlled shelters; an extended temperature-hardened version available for installation in carriers' non-environmental controlled cabinets; and a fully weatherized version ideal for standalone installation within cell tower properties.

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