Welcome to FierceInstaller

Sue Marek

Welcome to FierceInstaller, a daily news site and weekly newsletter specifically designed for network engineers, equipment installers, integrators, cable techs, tower workers and network planners.

Now more than ever before, you need to keep on top of the changing technical environment. By delivering the latest technical news, network performance updates, deployments and product announcements, we believe we can help you do your job.

Jeff Moore will be spearheading the coverage in FierceInstaller. Jeff is a telecom industry veteran who worked at Sprint for 13 years, specializing in competitive intelligence and strategy. He has also worked as a telecom analyst for Current Analysis and The Strategis Group and has worked for TESSCO Technologies, a supplier of equipment for wireless carriers.  

 Look to FierceInstaller for stories about:

  • Fiber deployments
  • Small cell deployments
  • Implications of OSHA regulations
  • Field testing – the latest in test equipment
  • Signal leakage
  • Service assurance issues
  • Workforce management issues

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I hope you enjoy this issue of FierceInstaller. Please feel free to reach out to Jeff or me with any story ideas or suggestions. Jeff can be reached at [email protected] and I can be reached at [email protected] --Sue