Lumen’s networking tech will support sustainable data centers

Lumen sold its data center business a few years ago, but the company is now helping Wyoming Hyperscale by providing the connectivity it needs for its data center technology.(Image by Akela999 from Pixabay)

Lumen Technologies is working with Wyoming Hyperscale White Box to launch a development site early next year in Aspen, Wyoming. The site will be used to build a sustainably operated data center.

Wyoming Hyperscale uses a liquid cooling technology, which incorporates a bio-based dielectric fluid for heat removal, to make data center cooling more efficient and require less water.  The company says that its liquid cooling technology can remove heat and transfer it without using water, fans or refrigerant.

Lumen will aid in Wyoming Hyperscale’s initiative by providing the connectivity it needs for its data center technology and deliver data on-demand to Wyoming Hyperscale’s customers. In addition, Lumen will provide dedicated denial-of-service (DDoS) technology to prevent the company from being a victim of cyberattacks that would make its data inaccessible.

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Lumen, which was formerly known as CenturyLink, left the data center business in 2016 when it sold its colocation and data centers for $2.15 billion in cash and a $150 million minority stake to a consortium led by BC Partners and Medina Capital. The company used the funds from the sale of its data centers to purchase Level 3 Communications.

CenturyLink wasn't the only telco that found it a challenge to maintain and operate a data center business.  Windstream also sold its data center business to TierPoint for $575 million in October 2015.

Sustainable data centers
Wyoming Hyperscale was founded in 2020 by a ranching family in Wyoming. The company is building a sustainable data center that will use its liquid cooling technology without wasting water and is environmentally sustainable. The first phase of the Wyoming Hyperscale development is expected to be completed in April 2022.

Data centers are a huge drain on energy consumption.  In fact, it’s estimated that data centers account for 1% of the global energy demand, which is more than the national energy consumption for many countries.