BT is fulfilling its Fiber to the X dreams

BT and the London 2012 Olympic GamesTo say BT (NYSE: BT) has an aggressive Fiber to the X (FTTX) and overall related broadband access strategy would be an understatement. BT has taken a double fisted approach that incorporates its existing traditional copper (traditional ADSL2+) and last mile fiber (hybrid copper/fiber Fiber to the Cabinet and Fiber to the Home) to get broadband to U.K. homes and businesses.

With the 2012 Olympics fast approaching, the UK ILEC has stepped up its FTTX deployment strategy to help users better access the various events as they take place. Under its latest accelerated roll out plan, an estimated 87 percent of London homes and businesses will be able get 40 Mbps speeds by next spring 2011--a year ahead of the Olympic Games.

BT towerWhen it initially launched its FTTX plans in the summer 2008, the service provider initially planned to bring FTTX services to about 10 million homes by 2012, or 40 percent of UK homes and business. With a major focus on FTTC, the roll out plan also included about 10 percent of FTTP in both Brownfield and Greenfield environments.

"We tend to call it a mixed economy approach, which is means that the deployment of any technology is based on the variations of geography and the topology," Tim Whitley, Group Strategy Director, BT Group said. "Obviously, the performance you get is based on geography and customer density. What we're trying to deliver is the best possible speed for the best economic return, but blends it in such a way that we can use as much FTTP as possible."