CenturyLink gets its broadband, IPTV solutions in order

CenturyLink (NYSE: CTL) recently revealed that it would begin offering 25 Mbps in Kalispell, Mont., a service it has been rolling out to both consumers and business customers in various select markets.

Dennis Huber, CenturyLinkGiven the ongoing competition seen by the cable operators in its respective regions, the 25 Mbps rollout is part of a larger company initiative to making sure it has a broadband presence in the homes and businesses in its serving areas.

But Dennis Huber, Executive Vice President, Network and IT, CenturyLink is quick to point out that whether they are offering 25 Mbps or 1 Mbps, the bandwidth speeds are about what new services they can enable.

"Rolling out the speeds to me is not as important as making sure those customers can run digital services over those speeds," he said.

In other words, the broadband connection can serve as digital services will now include its Prism IPTV service, although it's not delivering IPTV in its Montana market yet.

Huber added that when they "are going out there and you'll find in the markets where we are rolling out the higher speeds those are the first markets where we have also launched with IPTV , which ties back to our strategy: get the speed and what are the applications you can run over the top of those speeds."

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