Grading the top 10 wireline service providers in Q1 2011

The table below provides a quick roundup of how the top U.S. wireline service providers performed in Q1 2011 according to access line loss, broadband and video growth. It also lists ongoing activity such as mergers and acquisitions that can affect quarterly performance.

Be sure to take a look at our Q1 2011 earnings summary, which includes more details on each provider's performance in the fourth quarter of 2010. Or, click on a company's linked title to go to its earnings report for the quarter.

Don't forget to see how these figures stack up against the performance of the Q4 2010, Q3 2010, Q2 2010 and Q1 2010 results.

1Q 2011 Results - Tier 1-2 ILECs
Tier 1-2 ILECs Revenues Total Access Lines Q1 Access Lines Q4 Broadband Additions Total Wireline Broadband Video
AT&T $31.25 billion 43.1 million 43.4 million 175,000 3.2 million 218,000 U-verse TV N/A
Qwest $2.85 billion  8.6 million 8.85 million 46,000 subscribers 3.0 million DirecTV satellite Merger with CenturyLink completed in April
Verizon $1.44 billion 25.5 million 26 million 207,000 FiOS & DSL subscribers 8.5 million 192,000 FiOS TV subscribers Completed Terremark acquisition
CenturyLink $1.70 billion 6.39 million 6.5 million 52,000 new DSL subscribers 2.4 million (not incl. Qwest) Expanding DISH satellite & Prism IPTV* Integrating EMBARQ; completed Qwest acquisition on April 1
Frontier $1.34 billion 5.61 million 5.74 million 10,500 (made an additional 83,000 homes broadband capable) 1.7 million 15,000 DirecTV subscribers Integrating Verizon's rural lines
Windstream $1.02 billion 3.3 million 3.3 million 29,000 DSL subscribers 1.3 million DSL subscribers 7,000 DISH customers Completed Q-Comm acquisition
TDS Telecom $1.25 billion     4,100 DSL Subscribers 261,000 (including CLEC business) (Does not break out IPTV or Satellite numbers)  Integrating Team Companies assets
Cincinnati Bell $361 million 663,000 674,100 2,500 Fioptics FTTH and 2,400 traditional DSL customers 271,000 (includes Fioptics and DSL customers) 2,500 new Fioptics entertainment customers Completed FiberNet acquisition; divided wireless & wireline units
NTELOS $155.5 million 164,644 (incl. RLEC & new CLEC lines from FiberNet) 169,493 (incl. RLEC & new CLEC lines from FiberNet) DSL, FTTX subscribers 33,453 459 new DSL and FTTH subscribers  Completed FiberNet acquisition; divided wireless, wireline units
SureWest $60.5 million 102,900 107,300 300 311,600 4,600 N/A
FairPoint  $254.8 million 1.1 million 1.12 million 13,600 297,491 Does not break out video subscribers Integrated Verizon lines

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Grading the top 10 wireline service providers in Q1 2011