5 Ways 5G Will Impact Your Life

Author: Jillian Kaplan

5G is cool. It’s all the buzz these days in the tech business world and for consumers. You see it on every single telecom commercial as they race to 5G. Maybe you have heard a little bit about it and how ‘fast your cell phone will be’. I can assure you it’s much more than a faster cell phone. But what exactly is 5G and how will it impact your everyday life? Here are the top 5 ways that I believe 5G will impact your life and why it matters to you.

1. Telehealth: This is made up of many different use cases that could save lives as it helps heath care professionals diagnose and take action faster, which is critical in many emergent cases. For example there is the Golden Hour and the connected ambulance in which we can figure out exactly what is going on with a patient who has had a stroke, acute CHF or MI within the first hour of the incident. Let’s not forget the potential of remote surgery, it sounds crazy but it’s coming. When you need an operation by a specialized surgeon but cannot physically be in the same location, 5G has the potential to bridge the gap remotely.

2. Connected vehicles: We know this is a #5GFuture but connected and eventually autonomous vehicles are coming. You can sit on the streets of Palo Alto enjoying an ice cream and watch many of the big tech companies working on this technology ‘drive’ around their autonomous vehicles, with a person behind the wheel for safety. Not that I did that.

A connected RC Car built by Ed Henry
A connected RC Car built by Ed Henry


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